A Strategy Game Sequel for Dope Wars

Chronic 2005 is a strategy game that’s the official sequel of the hit title “Dope Wars” (or “DopeWars”). It’s a downloadable kind of game that you can play on any machine with the latest Windows operating system for 2005 onwards (Windows XP and above). It’s a significant improvement over Dope Wars without straying too much from the original strategy game formula, containing never-before-seen features in a DopeWars game without becoming a different game altogether. It’s not quite an expansion pack wherein it’s the same game with just new levels either. It’s definitely a sequel of DopeWars and not just a rehash of the same game. You get to plunge into a world of bodyguards, pimps, loan sharks, and bad cops while winning weekly prizes. It’s like the strategy game version of GTA where anything goes.

What to Expect

* This game features the most impressive of graphics and the most beautiful of maps. While traveling from states and cities, you can get to choose a wide array of informants, guards, mercenaries, pimps, cars, and weapons to do your dealings. They’ll assist you through your journey into the world of Chronic. What’s more, you’ll also receive more than an eyeful of Chronic girls who’ll serve as your inspiration for cash tournaments and prizes.

* Just when you believe gaming couldn’t get any better, you come across Chronic 2005. This game lets you virtually deal with drugs like you’re Pablo Escobar. It’s a sequel to Dope War, which was a text-based game. This time around, you’re dealing with a strategy game that isn’t so text dependent while still facing off against the underbelly of society in an exciting escapade of sorts. For something made more than 10 years ago, it really holds up.

* This game has you start out with $2,000 in cash and $5,000 in debt from a loan shark, with it beginning at the Los Angeles Airport of LAX. The key to winning in this game is to take out your debt or the loan shark by dealing some drugs, moving up into the underworld, and becoming a boss of your own drug empire (as well as your destiny). You’ll be searching for buyers and suppliers while going against others who might try to take you out.